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Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Author: Casey Shivers, Director of Clinical Programming What to do about the new Coronavirus threat? Certainly, it should be taken seriously. Social distancing, regular and thorough hand washing, and cleaning of high-use areas of your home are all important steps to take.  However, excessive worrying down-regulates your immune system. High levels of stress will make […]

How to Keep Calm, Busy, and Positive: Tips for Social Distancing

Author: Beth Bogdewiecz, Marketing & Communications Specialist With every day that passes, more disconcerting news is released about the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Although there are a number of things you can do to keep yourself safe, social distancing is going to be one of the most important ways to prevent the continued spread […]

An Update Regarding Coronavirus

UPDATE TO BELOW ARTICLE (3/16/2020): WE HAVE CLOSED ALL OF OUR LOCATIONS FOR THE NEXT 14-DAYS (date of re-open subject to change). With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) now spreading in the Denver area, we wanted to keep our members and community informed of all precautions that are being taken at all bēkn facilities. Our team continues […]

Gym Exercises to Eliminate from Your Workout Routine

By Rob Hardy | Physiologist and S & C Coach A note from Rob: These are my personal opinions about improved gym exercises, and I want to stress that my goal is to provide you with better options to support your own well-rounded workout routine. This might be surprising advice, but the next time you […]

How to Reduce Stress and Relieve Tension Fast

Author: Casey Shivers | Director of Clinical Programming Many of us carry tension in our bodies, especially when under stress. When feeling stressed, people will often will tighten their jaws, neck, and/or their shoulders without even realizing they are doing it.  Every time we tense these muscles, we are sending messages to the brain that […]

What is Physiology?

By Casey Shivers | Director of Clinical Programming At bēkn, we often talk about physiology and the physiologists that work here. If you aren’t someone that works in the health & wellness industry this term may be new to you. However, once you understand what physiology is, you can better understand why it is such […]

How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

By Chris Holcombe | Lead Physiologist at bēkn Stapleton Work injuries happen. Unfortunately, they often happen unexpectedly and without any warning. These injuries can lead to medical bills, unforeseen (sometimes unpaid) time off work, and impact your ability to perform any number of tasks throughout your daily life.  Although not all injuries can be avoided, […]

How to Create Good Habits (and How to Stop Bad Habits)

By Beth Bogdewiecz | Marketing & Communications Specialist We all have habits. Whether good or bad, we always seem to want to create more positive habits and break bad ones. We may want to spend less money, lose weight, get stronger, quit smoking, sleep more, or stop dating people who are bad for us. But […]

Returning to the Fundamentals: Setting A Foundation of Health

By Patrick DeVries | Clinical Physiologist In the modern world of gimmicks and “get fit quick” schemes, people are bombarded with unreliable information from every direction. These fitness plans can make people confused with understanding what path to take, and get them stuck in fitness ruts where they aren’t seeing the results they really want. […]

How Functional Movement Testing Works

By Shahnaz Hameedy | Exercise Physiologist When it comes to fitness, many people don’t fully understand the importance of training safely. We often neglect to stretch thoroughly or do a proper cool down after a workout, and tend to focus our energy on just getting the workout done rather than all of the components of […]

Looking Towards 2020

A note from Nick Edwards: Well bēkn family, as time always goes by – here we are at the close of another year and getting ready to welcome 2020. For bēkn, 2019 has been an amazing year, and so much more is coming up ahead.  In 2019 we exploded into the Denver market, not only […]

This Holiday Season, Eat with the Whole World in Mind (Mindful Eating)

Author: Casey Shivers, Director of Clinical Programming for bēkn ‘Tis the season of overeating and overindulging. During the holidays, let’s set up a new and healthier mindset around food and eating. By combining mindfulness with the science of nutrition and nutritional components, we can gain a better understanding of our bodies and minds this holiday […]

bēkn | Changing the Wellness Industry: Q&A with Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards, president of bēkn, is a nationally renowned Exercise Physiologist. For over 13 years he has worked with athletes, general wellness, and patient populations directing exercise physiology laboratories and strength programs. He has worked with 6 professional sports teams/organizations from NHL to NFL, 8 different Men’s and Women’s Division I NCAA Teams, 5 Division […]


Posture is the position from which movement begins and ends. The muscular and skeletal balance of ideal posture allows the body to function most efficiently, protecting it from injury, progressive deformity, and chronic pain. Poor posture compromises optimal function, takes away from aesthetics, and eventually leads to pain and/or injury. Pictured below is an example […]


One unexpected way to improve posture, core strength, and even flatten a bloated tummy is by improving gut health. It’s true, our abdominal muscles simply can’t reach their optimal strength when they’re constantly inflamed. For many, the standard American diet is a major source of gut inflammation. With the prevalence of industrialized foods that are high […]


Breathing and Posture Poor posture restricts the lungs and rib cage from fully expanding. When the lungs and ribs can’t fully expand, it limits the body’s ability to take full breaths and creates compensation/tension issues in the muscles associated with normal respiratory function – this includes muscles in your neck, trunk, and hips. One restricted […]

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