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Over the course of a year, our physiology program provides highly individualized exercise prescriptions, nutrition guidance and lifestyle coaching to help you meet your health and fitness goals.


Many fitness professionals create one size fits all meal plans and workouts for their clientele. But at bēkn we recognize that every individual has a unique body which needs exercises and nutrition recommendations that are tailored to their unique chemistry, mechanics, health history and goals. bēkn physiologists are trained in functional movement, exercise physiology testing, holistic nutrition and behavior modification to ensure that we provide a whole-person plan that is right for you.

Exploring Optimal Well-Being

Each member receives a guidebook that outlines and tracks your wellness journey throughout the year. It houses educational information, your exercise prescriptions, nutrition recommendations, homework, and goals. You will also store your test results here, which allows you and your physiologist to compare former and current test results side by side to celebrate progress along the way.

During the intake process you will complete a lifestyle questionnaire and be guided through goal setting. Before designing an all-encompassing lifestyle program, our physiologists take time to understand exactly what your goals are and why you care about them.

While exploring your goals, we discuss the six dimensions of wellness to understand what your version of optimal wellness looks like and how your program can best fit your individual interests and lifestyle.

Bekn Physiologists

Metabolic and Movement Testing

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, weekend warrior, or professional athlete, our simple and unique testing methods give you a roadmap to train smarter, get stronger, recover faster, and achieve better health.

lose weightYour physiologist will use cutting-edge metabolic and movement testing, body composition analysis and blood panels to understand how your individual body functions. Because the human body is a dynamic system, we use multiple measures to detect functional changes that don’t show up on the scale and provide you with a comprehensive summary of your results to help track your progress.

We measure how your body responds to exercise and when you utilize different fuel sources in order to pinpoint your prime metabolic zones. This will tell you exactly when your body is burning the most amount of stored fat, when it switches over to the food you’ve eaten that day, and when you enter a destructive muscle burning intensity level. This information allows us to work with your body for continuous improvement rather than against it.

We also use systematic tools and cutting-edge technology to identify movement asymmetries or limitations and accurately measure and analyze how you bend, twist and step. This process creates a more complete picture of how your body is aligned and where movement compensations exist. Our physiologist can then create a prescription that will help protect you from injury, progressive deformity, and chronic pain.

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Your Individualized Plan

We use all of this information to create an individualized exercise prescription that matches your current needs. Your exercises will help correct muscle imbalances, improve your mobility and help you progress from where you are now to exactly where you want to be.

Because our goal is sustainable wellness, our physiologists focus on empowering you with tools and education along the way.

Evaluation and Improvement

We continually re-evaluate your progress in order to update your exercise and nutrition recommendations keeping them in alignment with your life and goals.

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Unlimited Support

Our physiologists are available 24/7 for support and guidance. You’re given your physiologist’s email and cell phone number so you can reach out to them for support between your scheduled in-person sessions.

  • Have a question about a food label while at the grocery store? Take a picture of it and send it to your physiologist.
  • Need motivation to stay on track? Reach out to your physiologist for encouragement.
  • Took a new group exercise class and developed a new pain? Text your physiologist for unbiased and well-researched recommendations.

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