bēkn is the newest wellness solution for businesses.

Our team of experts provide individualized and customizable health and physiology programming to organizations of all sizes. We work one-on-one with your employees to provide various health metrics and then prescribe exercise and nutrition plans.

What You Get

An employee wellness benefit includes:

· Lower healthcare costs
· Reduction in days off the job due to illness or injury
· Proactively manage risk around worker’s compensation claims
· Increased employee retention and satisfaction

· Understand your body better than ever before
· Know how to optimize your time at the gym to get real results
· Build muscle to prevent injuries and improve health
· Tracking of your ideal heart rate zone to burn fat vs. carbs vs. protein
· Body testing and insights equivalent to what pro-athletes receive
· One on one exercise and nutrition programming
· Unlimited physical therapy
· Unlimited gym access

A wellness plan with
a high ROI

Does your company have a physically demanding workplace? bēkn corporate programming is tailored to meet the needs of diverse organizations to prevent injuries before they occur while decreasing the cost of care. We work with your corporation to identify which parameters of a bēkn membership will be most beneficial for the needs of your employees to keep them safe, happy, and injury free.

Does your organization have an on-site gym that gets little use? Our team will revamp employee mindset around health and fitness, and get people engaged again.

“bēkn brings a high level of service not found in many clinical applications, where they place high value and high participation in each and every interaction. With this we have seen high satisfaction survey numbers, constant care to improve and maintain those numbers, and continued strategies to bolster the value and member experience.”

– Jay Voigt: Director of Operations, CeDAR

bēkn functions as the bridge between clinical and commercial health and wellness care to provide individualized exercise and nutrition plans for preventing injuries and ailments before they even occur. See the comparison chart below for the average cost of traditional healthcare compared to bēkn.


We offer flexible options to ensure employers of all sizes can provide their employees with access to wellness that really works.

– OPTION 1: Employer covers employee bēkn memberships at 100%
– OPTION 2: Employer contributes fixed $ amount and employee pays remaining $ amount
– Example A – Employer contributes $20 per membership / employee pays $19
– Example B – Employer contributes $1,000 towards 5 annual memberships / Employee pays $22.33/month
– OPTION 3: Employees pay in full for membership. With a set number of sign-ups, we would provide your employees a discounted rate towards their memberships.


When a set number of memberships are purchased, the following discounts apply:

# Memberships Price Per Person / Month (regularly $49)

2 – 4  |  $45
5 – 50  |  $39
51 – 100  |  $35
More than 100  |  Let’s talk


Enhance your employee’s bēkn membership with a full health screen that includes: 

– Vital
– Height & Weight
– Hearing & Vision
– Electrocardiogram, Pulmonary Function Test, & Vitals
– Blood Testing (Example tests performed: Lipid Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, HbA1c, Iron, Thyroid, Complete Blood Count, Prostate Specific Antigen)
– Electronic Receipt of Results (HIPAA Protected)
– 15-Minute Physician Consult to Review Results

“There is nothing like bēkn out there. When I received my individualized program from my physiologist, I was able to do my workouts with intentions and I knew exactly what I needed to be doing to objectively reach my goals.” 

– Monica Salafia, MS, RD, CPT (bēkn member)

Whether you are a small business seeking affordable support for your employees, or a large corporation looking to add an indispensable tool to an employee healthcare package already in place, bēkn is the option to help keep your employees healthy, happy, and motivated. Fill out the form below to learn how your employees can benefit from a bēkn wellness package, and to set up a free session with one of our physiologists to experience our fitness testing firsthand.

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