Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions and concerns are important to us. We’ve worked to answer many of the common questions we have received. After reading through our FAQ ’s, if you have further questions reach out to us at community@welfitness.com!

What is Unique About WEL?

Proprietary metabolic and movement testing, experiences and metrics specifically about you

The best and most qualified professionals in the area with unlimited and unrestricted 24/7 access

  • Exercise Prescriptions and Nutrition Plans that are be tracked and monitored over time
  • Full Physiology, Physical Therapy and Behavioral Programming for one, low entry, all-inclusive membership
  • Social events and member privileges
  • Community gathering and connection building
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Cooking classes, educational programs, nutritional support and weight management programs
What is WEL?

WEL is a revolutionary wellness continuum that brings the best healthcare professionals together directly into your care plan. It’s not just a one touch program, but individual wellness in a way that’s more accessible and integrated than ever before.  We are a community, and a place to come together to grow in your own wellness journey.  From physical activities to wellness planning we have it all in a one-stop-shop. Using education and community support, we create the foundation for sustainable growth in your wellness journey.

What Are Your Services?

Our core services provided a continuum of wellness care that has not existed until today. Our services include physiology, community, behavior and physical therapy. A full description of offered services can be found on the services page (link to services page).

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up on our website www.welfitness.com.

What is a Physiologist?

A physiologist is a highly trained and qualified healthcare professional that specializes in the implementation and delivery of exercise prescriptions as well as the underlying metabolic and biomechanical processes that allow the body to move. Our physiologists work to interpret your wellness at an individual level to prescribe the highest quality of care.

Are You a Gym? Can I Workout at WEL?

WEL is not a gym. We are a facility that helps you to facilitate and sustain your wellness journey. Members are able to use WEL gym locations on the same day prior to or after a physiology session.

What Amenities are Offered at Each WEL site?

WEL locations offer a variety of amenities to meet your needs. WEL locations offer an exercise area to demo and implement WEL programming, areas for group experience classes and community offerings, and WEL smoothie and coffee bar to satisfy your nutrition needs. As an added bonus each location includes space for meeting and working collaboratively.

Are There Group Exercise Classes?

The Group Exercise class schedule includes classes in house to facilitate your wellness journey as well as activities across the metro around to build community and experience wellness in the outdoors. The schedule ranges from 5:00am through 9:00pm. The classes are innovative and exciting built specifically for our members needs.

Can I Bring a Guest to WEL?

Yes. Guests are encouraged and welcome to come to any of our community events as well as our physical locations to experience an initial movement analysis to see how WEL can benefit their lifestyle. Our referral program grants current members a free month of membership for helping others begin their wellness journey.

What is the Membership Price?

A WEL Membership costs $49 per month.

Are There any Additional Fees?

No. We have one simple all-inclusive membership program.

What if I Join WEL and Would Later Like to Cancel My Membership?

All memberships are 12 months in duration and then are month to month after the first year. After the first year, with a 30 days written notice, prior to the next billing date, you may cancel your membership. Prior to 12 months, there is a cancellation policy and fee found in your member agreement.

What Are WEL’s Hours?

All Locations:
Physiology: Monday – Friday 8:00am- 6:00pm
Behavioral Programming: Multiple times from 7:00am- 9:00pm
Group Experiences and Classes: Schedule Coming Soon!

24/7 Access to your own Physiologist: Through phone, email and our proprietary member communication portal

When Am I Billed for Membership?

You are billed monthly on the same day that you initially sign up for WEL. If you signed up on the 1st of the month, you will be billed on the 1st of every month.

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