Looking Towards 2020

A note from Nick Edwards:

Well bēkn family, as time always goes by – here we are at the close of another year and getting ready to welcome 2020.

For bēkn, 2019 has been an amazing year, and so much more is coming up ahead.  In 2019 we exploded into the Denver market, not only with more community members, but with another facility to support changing lives in Castle Pines. 

Going forward, we are continuing to look how we can better serve our strategy of positively affecting the lives of 250,000 individuals by 2022. To that end, this next year you can expect big changes. We plan to open another site here in the Denver metro area, and like all those that leave the nest, we will be spreading our wings by setting up shop outside of Colorado too!  

While entering 2020 and keeping wellness in mind, it’s important to address new, positive, and realistic goals. Let’s avoid setting unachievable and meaningless resolutions that we will most likely either forget or just flat out ignore by the end of January. If January is resolution month, February might as well be national apathy month.  

So, I encourage all of you to take this next positive step and make a simple #statement, just like I did for bēkn above. Take a minute to read my statement above again, then grab a pen and paper and commit to your wellness journey. Start by writing just one thing – one positive thing that shaped you this past year, and helped you understand your personal journey upon entering 2020. Next, write down your wellness purpose (for us it is creating a positive impact in the lives of 250,000 people). Then, give yourself one achievable statement. This is not a goal, it is A STATEMENT that WILL happen by holding in your heart this purpose to carry forward to the next step you take in your journey.

Be sure to share your #statement with us on social channels if you feel inspired, and tag us @bekn. 

Thank you for letting us to join in your journey. 
Happy New Year, from the entire bēkn family.

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