Posture is the position from which movement begins and ends. The muscular and skeletal balance of ideal posture allows the body to function most efficiently, protecting it from injury, progressive deformity, and chronic pain. Poor posture compromises optimal function, takes away from aesthetics, and eventually leads to pain and/or injury. Pictured below is an example of ideal posture as well as common postural dysfunctions.

One common characteristic of poor posture is restricted thoracic spine mobility (AKA tightness in the upper back). This and the forward head lean are the most noticeable characteristics of the second picture above, a common postural dysfunction called Upper Cross Syndrome. 
If it’s tough to reach your arms together behind your back like the picture below, you might have restricted mobility in your thoracic spine. Click here to learn more about the thoracic spine and as well as some great exercises to gently improve its mobility.

For a deeper dive into the topic of your own posture, contact a bēkn physiologist for objective assessments paired with holistic recommendations.

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