How Functional Movement Testing Works

By Shahnaz Hameedy | Exercise Physiologist

When it comes to fitness, many people don’t fully understand the importance of training safely. We often neglect to stretch thoroughly or do a proper cool down after a workout, and tend to focus our energy on just getting the workout done rather than all of the components of our movements. 

Why is movement testing so important? 

In order to properly understand how to prevent injury, we have to fully understand in what areas your body may be weak. This way we can prescribe exercises to strengthen the muscles around these trouble areas, increase flexibility in joints and tendons, and support a healthier overall workout plan with the lowest risk of injury. 

At bēkn, we use state-of-the-art testing in order to understand your body and any of your movement limitations. These tests include: 

  • Functional Movement screening (to assess joint mobility and stability)
  • Sparta force plate technology (for understanding where your body is distributing weight and overcompensating for any weaknesses or injuries)
  • DorsaVi sensor testing (for movement and pressure on joints)

How does movement testing work? 

We use multiple movement systems and technology to better learn your body’s strengths and limitations. We observe how stable and mobile your joints are during a series of foundational movement patterns, then apply sensor and force plate technology to measure what can’t be seen with the naked eye. All of this information allows us to see how you move, bend, and twist.

Blindfolding during testing helps us gain a better understanding of your true balance, without any outside influence.

How does movement testing support a healthier lifestyle? 

Our joints form the connections between our bones, and allow our bodies to move easily and smoothly. Joint pain is extremely common, with about one-third of adults feeling regular pain. Injury often occurs because of sudden movements, strenuous activity, falls, improper exercises or lifting, and lack of flexibility. These injuries not only causes limitations in a workout plan but also regular movement throughout daily life. 

Movement testing in particular helps us to analyze our members’ joint health by showing a clear picture of how your body is moving. With this information, we can address problem areas through physical therapy as well as providing guidance for strengthening and stability exercises. 

With everything we provide to our members at bēkn, movement testing, physical therapy, and strengthening guidance is all included in your flat membership fee of $49 / month. 

Gaining a full understanding of how your body moves and functions is the foundation in building a safe and effective workout plan. We help you combine this data about your unique body to create a truly all-encompassing wellness plan and help you reach your health and fitness goals faster than ever before. 

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