One unexpected way to improve posture, core strength, and even flatten a bloated tummy is by improving gut health. It’s true, our abdominal muscles simply can’t reach their optimal strength when they’re constantly inflamed. For many, the standard American diet is a major source of gut inflammation. With the prevalence of industrialized foods that are high in both sugar and added chemicals, it can be difficult to know where to start putting the fire out first.

  1. Identify and correct nutrient deficiencies
    • Common deficiencies are:
      • Water
      • Vitamins & Mineral
      • Protein
      • Essential Fats
    • How to correct these common deficiencies
      • Drink more water
      • Eat more vegetables
      • Select quality proteins – Grass fed beef, pasture raised eggs, peas, etc.
      • Take in more essential fats – Fish, algae, chia seeds, etc.
  2. Know your body type

3. Fine-tune the details

Meal frequency, carb cycling, and exercise nutrition are just a few details your physiology can help fine-tune with you. For a deeper dive into the topic of your own nutrition, contact your bēkn physiologist for objective assessments paired with holistic recommendations

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