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Only $49 per month

We don’t believe state of the art technology should only be accessible to professional athletes. That’s why we provide our members with the same metabolic, movement analysis and body composition testing that we provide to professional athletes for a flat rate of $49 a month. No insurance, no copays, no sign-up fees required.


You Get

With our Facility Membership, you will have your own personal physiologist who is with you throughout your entire wellness journey. This membership gives you access to the following:

1. Unlimited Physiology

First we begin with a discovery session to understand your goals, priorities and obstacles. Then we do our homework and go through a series of tests to get the true data of your body. Testing such as:

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Postural Testing
  • Testing where we put sensors on your legs and lower back to measure types of mechanitcal stress
  • Body composition scan that measures bone density to associate and identify potential health risks
  • Metabolic testing in real time to identify at what heart rate your body is burning the most stored fat

2. Exercise Programming

After completing your initial testing, bēkn will design your entire workout program and change it as you change and grow.

3. Nutrition Programming

In addition to developing your fitness program, bēkn provides nutrition coaching and guidance as part of your membership.

4.Unlimited Physical Therapy

Seeking care to rehabilitate your injury and restore proper movement is key to meeting your goals. bēkn provides an integrated care plan with access to unlimited physical therapy to help heal injuries and imbalances.

5.Gym Access

With a bēkn membership, you have full access to our state of the art gyms, amenities and group exercise classes. Visit a bēkn location to learn more.

6. Lifestyle Coaching

Using mindfulness-based techniques, bēkn aims to help our members form sustainable long-term habits that support their lifestyle. The goal with our process is to adapt with our members in order to create practical & sustainable behavior change.


Our bēkn community weaves together all the parts of our whole-body program to create a space for members to interact, encourage, and connect. Be a part of the bēkn community by visiting our social channels.

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“There is nothing like bēkn out there. When I received my individualized program from my physiologist, I was able to do my workouts with intensions and I knew exactly what I needed to be doing to objectively reach my goals.” -Monica Salafia, MS, RD, CPT

For only $49/month you can begin your wellness journey. Sign up now.


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