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Our membership is built to support your goals and your routine. We aim to provide the health and wellness care you need while offering it at an affordable cost.

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Built For You

We Build Relationships

bēkn believes that wellness starts and grows through authentic human connection and we’ve created memberships that are built to work with your schedule. Your exact needs become the driving approach in your customized health and wellness plan.

Creating Goals Together


When joining our community, members meet with a physiologist for a discovery session to understand where you are in your wellness journey. Once we have your roadmap, we develop an individual plan that combines exercise, nutrition, education, and support to help accomplish your goals.

“I always had a goal of running a half marathon but had no idea how to get started. In January, I could barely run a mile but after working with kn and leveraging their unique testing that gave me measurable data, I ran my first half marathon in June. With bēkn, I was able to make a lot of progress quickly – it’s really the best way I’ve found to train and at a surprisingly low cost!”

Rob Lee bēkn member

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