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Our Members receive a continuum of care that has not existed until today. We bridge the gap between physician episodic care and commercial fitness by providing individualized wellness that works for you. We provide physiology services, a community, lifestyle support and physical therapy to meet your specific wellness needs and develop your individualized wellness care plan.

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Each member has unique needs so they need a unique program, and that starts with our physiology programming. Through specialized and evidence-based wellness, our strategy is designed to improve wellness outcomes by providing the highest level of individualized care. Our members receive individualized exercise and nutrition prescriptions based on the unique biometrics derived from our cutting edge technology. We then continue to measure, monitor, and prescribe appropriate physical activities and nutritional programming. Through our unmatched and proprietary approach, we pride ourselves on being the only fully integrated program in the United States that uses each individual’s unique physical capabilities in real time while lowering the costs of care.

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We believe in creating a supportive gathering place for whole person wellness, both in bēkn locations and throughout the daily lives of our members. Our community uniquely exists to provide the missing wellness continuum to our members. We work to actively transform the role of each of our member’s to exist out of episodic care, and into our membership community where they are able to experience an inclusive environment. Our community weaves together all pieces of bēkn programming to create a physical, and social space for our members to interact with one another, engage with one another, encourage one another and connect with one another.

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Lifestyle Support

Our unique Lifestyle Support Series enhances members experience to better understand their movement and metric needs. The program uses mindfulness-based techniques to help members connect the dots between their thoughts/feelings, and how those impact the choices made throughout their lives. Our holistic approach empowers members to make healthier decisions. We use a combination of carefully chosen movement practices, educational material, group discussion and potlucks to engage members toward connecting with themselves and each other.

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Physical Therapy

Injuries and imbalances can occur in the gym, workplace, car or home. Without seeking care to rehabilitate your injury and re-store proper movement, recovery can often become a slow and painful process.

We provide an integrated care plan for your physical therapy needs. Your physiologist will take you throughbiomechanical assessments and review your results and refer you to an in-house physical therapist if needed.

Our physical therapists listen to your needs to design a specialized plan that is right for you. We prescribe therapeutic movements to restore proper function, manage pain and rehabilitate injuries to get you back to enjoying a life free of pain and injury.

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