Who We Serve

We exist to provide the missing wellness continuum to our members. We deliver our services in a healthcare setting while transforming the role of each patient to exist out of episodic care, and into membership community where they belong.

Being an industry innovator has given us the access and ability to affect change in the lives of thousands of individuals, by providing evaluations and prescriptions across 15 different medical specialties throughout the United States. By leveraging our expertise and model we deliver our services through partnerships across episodic care, employers, and general population.

Episodic Care

We exist outside of episodic care linking the patient and physician in a way that has never been done before to showcase outcomes and connectivity. From orthopedics to bariatric surgery we are driven to optimize outcomes and the patient experience by directly integrating into the patients care plan. We design unique programs from preoperative physiology and movement, to postoperative behavioral programming that provides a market differentiator for our partners and sets the standard for patient care. We design the referral streams, in house clinical flow and partnerships that maximize the experience for your patients and our members.

Employer Wellness

Corporate Wellness has long been broken and a term that has been misused by many for some time. Each employee is given the opportunity to meet with their entire treatment team, from physiologist to peer mentors in an all-inclusive, one stop, in person setting rather than a simple health fair style screening and tele coaching.  It’s not just a one touch program, but individual wellness in a way that’s more accessible and integrated than ever before driving both financial and wellbeing outcomes for the employer and employee.  Under our auspices we can work with the employer to provide outcome information regarding their employee population, real cost savings reports, both remote and in person access across the country, fully staffed facility management and wellness programming.

General Population

We strive to change the health and lives of our members, their families and their wellness journeys by empower individuals nationwide.  Through our proprietary communication portal, locations and partnerships we can reach individuals who before BEKN – didn’t have access to holistic wellness care.  We are proud to support each individual on their journey, and are unapologetically leading the wellness movement to drive the costs of care down.  Individuals can join our community and share with our member the experience of true wellness nationwide:

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